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Garden Evolution at 22 Tulip Court, An HOA Home

We purchased our home in February 2021. We had made major changes to our prior Marlton home’s lawn and gardens, were avid composters, and envisioned creating native gardens, with less grass, and providing support for bees and birds.

Our new home is in a homeowners association (HOA). Each HOA has its own rules. To avoid conflicts, homeowners need to understand the rules before making changes. For our HOA, pre-approval is not needed to make changes within existing flower beds (i.e. replace shrubs and plants) or remove and replace trees. Approval is needed to add or increase the size of flower beds.

Our HOA also conducts announced semi-annual inspections of each home’s property. If violations are found, the HOA sends a written complaint to the homeowner.

Shown below are some details regarding making changes to homes in our HOA. Deciphering what requires approval can be challenging. To avoid any issues, we shared our plans, providing more details than were required.

Requires Approval by our HOA

Approval Not Required by our HOA

Other Challenges

There is a thriving deer population living in the nearby woods. We had prior experience with rabbits and squirrels, but never deer. We needed to find ways to deter their destruction and encourage them to eat elsewhere.

Our initial plans

What We Have Done So Far

Plans for Spring 2022

Ann Wolf