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Richard Rice Elementary School Helps Recharge our Aquifers!

Another brand new rain garden was planted on September 9th with students who were also educated on the benefits of rain gardens at Richard Rice Elementary School in Evesham, NJ. Downspouts from the roof above the library were redirected into the garden to capture stormwater coming off the roof that was previously piped directly into the stormwater sewer system. Stormwater will now have a chance to be treated in the rain garden and to naturally infiltrate into the ground to recharge the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer instead of being discharged directly into local waterways. The rain garden was designed by the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Water Resources Program, installed by A.Z. Lawncare & Tree Service, organized by the Pinelands Preservation Alliance, and funded by National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. The grant is focused on installing green infrastructure projects on public properties in an effort to recharge aquifers and reduce contaminants reaching local waterways. Let us keep working together to keep our aquifers replenished and our waterways healthy!