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My Quarantine, Native Garden

After neglecting my backyard for over 10 years, I decided to use the lockdown to address the backyard. Using information, we learned at the Rutgers Environmental Stewards Program, my friend, Chuck and I, took on the backyard as a quarantine project.

The Rutgers Environmental Stewards Program has trained volunteers on New Jersey environmental issues so they can help solve environmental issues in New Jersey.

Our purpose and mission for this garden is to create a sustainable garden meaning each plant had to serve a purpose in our habitat. During April 2020 of the quarantine, we established the foundation of the native garden. We purchased our native plant plugs from Pinelands Direct to insure we were using New Jersey native plants, and supporting local. Once planted, we understood that the new garden needed to be watered regularly until roots were established.

This Summer, you will witness along with us, our native garden for its first season. The
Evesham Green Team hopes you will be inspired to try adding “plants with a purpose” to your landscape.

Enjoy – Joyce and Chuck