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Whimsy and Wildlife

At 223 Park Avenue we’ve come to exchange gardening simply for aesthetics to gardening with a variety of intentions and goals.

We’ve been experimenting with simple sustainable living projects that are suited for our present home and may someday be applied to our off the grid dream home and lifestyle.

Our property features:

Many of our repurposed items were made to be functional in some fashion while others are just for fun!

As “creative type” people, the garden itself is our palette. But we think it always pairs well with other forms of art. We can’t keep ourselves from letting out our whimsy into our garden spaces!

Our garden is not only an experimental space for sustainability practices and art, but a sanctuary for wildlife. Our family shares a deep appreciation and respect for nature and love to make our garden a welcoming place for true natives of the animal and plant kingdoms!

We certified our garden with the National Wildlife Federation a few years ago. Our newer plants are sustaining pollinators and feeding birds while saving us money on seed and watering!

Certifying our garden has opened us up to learning about the alarming and concerning present state of nature and how we can help turn things around. Presently, our garden is in transition. While we have decidedly committed to adding more native plants some of our garden shrubs are sentimental and favorite blooms.

We are working to identify harmful invasive plants that prohibit the growth of necessary local plants and will remove and replace with NJ natives favored by wildlife.

It has been amazing to witness how very small changes in a short amount of time have had a huge impact. We are very excited and encouraged by our observations and have begun encouraging our neighbors to garden for wildlife as well. We are extremely proud to have had a role in helping Marlton Lakes become a “National Certified Wildlife Habitat Community” with the NWF!

We are very pleased to welcome you to our happy place today!

Please feel welcome to return often to visit the Little Free Library and Sound Garden section of our property. In the future, we plan to expand an exhibit Pollinator garden in that area.

Come again!