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Gardening toward Connections

Welcome to 110 Marbel!

We recently moved from the coastal community of Seaside Park to Marlton Lakes and embarked on an exciting journey of creating a transitional garden in our new home. As we settled into our new surroundings, we quickly realized that gardening in the Pine Barrens is quite different from our previous experience at the beach. The sandy soil, different climate, and unique ecosystem presented us with new challenges and opportunities. Being greeted by a vibrant display of flowers as we approached our front door was something we both cherished. However, we soon discovered that the plants we were familiar with from our seaside garden did not thrive in this new environment. Determined to create a beautiful and inviting space, we eagerly embraced the learning process of trial and error. We researched and experimented with different plant varieties, taking note of what thrived in the Pine Barrens and what struggled.

Our dedication to creating an inviting atmosphere extended beyond our own enjoyment. We wanted to share our garden with our neighbors and friends, creating a space where they could gather and connect with nature. When we learned about our neighborhood's mission to become a certified Wildlife Habitat Community through the National Wildlife Federation, we wholeheartedly embraced it. We saw it as an opportunity to not only enhance our own garden but also contribute to the well-being of the local wildlife.

We began incorporating elements into our garden that would attract and support various forms of wildlife. We installed bird feeders and birdhouses, providing a reliable food source and safe shelter for our feathered visitors. The sight of colorful birds flitting around our garden brought us immense joy, but it was the arrival of hummingbirds that truly captivated our hearts.

Through the process of becoming a certified Wildlife Habitat Community, we delved deeper into the importance of native plants. We discovered that these plants not only added aesthetic appeal to our garden but also served as vital food sources for the birds, bees, and butterflies we admired. Excited by this newfound knowledge, we made it our mission to fill our garden with more native blooms, creating a haven for wildlife while also enhancing the beauty of our outdoor space.

Our story is a testament to our passion for gardening, our love for wildlife, and our unwavering commitment to creating a beautiful and sustainable outdoor space. Through our journey of adapting to a new gardening environment, we are learning from our experiences, and embracing the mission of the community. Through our efforts, we have created a haven for wildlife and also fostered a deeper connection with nature for ourselves and those around us.