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Community Garden

Evesham Township Community Garden (behind the Blue Barn)

The Evesham Township Recreation Department has provided the Evesham Community Garden (Formerly “Plant A Patch”) program for 23 plus years at the site behind the Township “Blue Barn” Recreation Center.

The garden resides on a one-acre field divided into 53 25’ x 25’ garden plots. Dozens of township families have participated in the program and have experienced the benefits of learning about gardening and enjoying the garden environment.

Gardeners have grown herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables on plots that they maintain. The Township has provided organizational and logistical support with gardeners taking responsibility for “in the garden” tasks and activities.

Weather permitting, the garden plots are tilled and available from mid- April until mid-November for most participants. Some gardeners also extend the season by starting in early spring into the late fall.

The program has always provided a good opportunity for Evesham residents to discover the fun and hard work of growing their own food in a community setting.